How It Works


What are the advantages of your house plans over hiring an architect ?
The biggest advantages are huge savings in time and money. We can offer better price because we sell the same house plan to many clients. You save time because you do not have to go through the whole design process from the start.

How can i use your house plans in my region/country ?
We deliver all our house plans in CAD format what is global industry standard. You also get all files in PDF format.

What is included in your house plans ?
Our house plans include all the information what your local Builder needs to adjust the house plan to your area  requirements and build the house. Read more...

Can i make changes to the house plan ?
You and your local Building Professionals have total freedom to change the house plans. All house plans are in easy-to-change CAD format.

What my local Architect/Engineer or Builder must do extra with your house plans ?
Most of the work is done by us. Your local Building Professional can use our house plans in CAD format and create Detailed Work Drawings what include: interior/exterior materials of your choice, foundation plan based on your lot, sewerage / water supply, ventilation, electricity, heating / cooling designs.

Will the plans meet my region building codes and requirements ?
We deliver the house plans in universal CAD format and your local Builder must little bit adjust the plans to your area.  Adjustable details: insulation, wind and snow load and earthquake requirements.

What is CAD file ?
CAD = Computer Aided Design. Every Building Professional can open and modify these files.

How do you deliver the house plans ?
We deliver our house plans in CAD and PDF format by e-mail. No shipping cost.

What do i have to do next if i have bought house plan from you ?
Contact and consult your local Builder. Ask price quote from different Builders. In most places your local Builder will help you organise everything.  In some places local Architect or Engieneer must be inlvolved. Builders know the local rules and can help you.

How do you differ from other house plan sellers ?
We deliver all our house plans in CAD format what all Architects, Engineers and Builders can use. You can be 100% sure that your local Building Professionals can use our house plans.