How It Works


1. Modified Architectural Design is $ 1190. All fees included. All modifications included.

2. Your local Builder can modify the design if you order CAD & PDF Set – $ 590


 We can modify:
- all the dimensions (interior & exterior)
- roof type & pitch
- windows size & location
- foundation type
- add basement
- add garage / remove garage
- add or remove interior walls
- add or remove fireplace


Modification Process

- Order the Modified Architectural Design – $ 1190
* Architectural Design without modifications will be delivered latest in the next business day.
* You can use the original design to summarise all your modification demands.

- Summarize all your demands.
- The first draft will be made based on your initial demands.
- Further modifications will be done based on your comments to the first (second, third, etc.) draft.
- Usually we make 10 drafts before we get all details in order.
- The modification process continues until you approve the draft.
- After your approval we make the final files.

Modification Process Timeline

- The first draft will be delivered in three business days.
- It takes 2-3 days to deliver a new draft after we have got your comments.
- The turnaround time depends on how fast you give feedback to drafts and how many times you want to change drafts.

Communication is via e-mail or phone during the modification process.