How It Works

Detailed dimensions & how to start

1. Order the Architectural Design PDF Set – $ 490 to get the house design with detailed dimensions.
- Analyse the Architectural Design.
- Upgrade to the Modified Architectural Design if you need modifications.
- All the dimensions & sizes can be modified.
- Modifications upgrade from the Architectural Design PDF Set – $ 700


2. Deliver the ordered design to several Builders to get the best construction price.
- Do not go with the first estimate.
- Ask several quotes from different Builders. Compare different material & main structure options.
- You could save tens of thousands if you talk to several Builders.


Free Exchanges - Get new Architectural Design for free if you change your mind after the purchase.



1. Modified Architectural Design is $ 1190. All fees included. All modifications included.

2. Your local Builder can modify the design if you order CAD & PDF Set – $ 590

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